Infectious enthusiam

Brilliant ideas
The ‘Peuples et Nature’ Photo Festival, where art and photo journalism meet, brings an alternative touch to the narrow streets and flower-filled alleyways of La Gacilly. The spectacular, gigantic photos, by internationally-renowned artists, focus on the theme of the environment and Man’s relationship with it !
Michel Gicquel, a plant and mineral enthusiast from a very young age, created Tropical Parc at St Jacut- les-Pins. What was once farmland and countryside is now a « Jurassic garden » including a collection of Wollemi pines, living fossils which are found in the Blue Mountains of Australia, a nationally-recognised collection of tree ferns and thousands of other marvels from Asia and elsewhere thanks to the unstinted efforts of the Gicquel Family.
Infectious enthusiasm
The Pays de Redon is hard to beat when it comes to performing arts. Its artists make a lively contribution to the sparkling image of modern day Brittany ! Dancers take part in street displays, professional and amateur actors perform together in outdoor theatre venues, words and music mingle in joyful, poetic shows and traditional Breton music and swing, Baroque and French popular songs come together in mutually beneficial experiences…