Redon, a historic town and port

A small town with a big reputation ! 


This is Redon’s motto. The historic victory of Nominoé is partly responsible for it as are the prestigious Abbey and the busy port, not forgetting the railway station and all the waterways which converge on the town! 

In Breton, the motto is Ker Vihan, Brud Vraz !  Vihan  and  vraz (sometimes written Bihan  and Braz) mean small and big. 
Brittany has 2 traditional languages : Breton, a Celtic tongue, and Gallo which is a Romance language. The Pays de Redon is in Upper Brittany where Gallo was traditionally spoken (although please feel free to speak Breton if you wish !).  Traditional Breton songs are sung in French here, so all French-speakers can join in, at fest-noz or on singing walks.