Winter flooding

Winter flooding : nothing to be afraid of !

Living close to so many beautiful valleys is a real privilege, but there is a downside during winter when flooding may occur in the valleys.
However, this only happens during very wet winters. As the local proverb says : « If for six weeks non-stop it pours with rain, keep a watchful eye on the river Vilaine! ». 
When flooding occurs, the rivers rise slowly with plenty of warning, nothing like the serious flooding that occurs in mountains following torrential storms.
During floods, there are still some lovely walks in the area. Some roads and paths are obviously impassable as they are under water, but the winter sunlight over the marshes is a marvellous sight and the view points on high ground provide spectacular panoramas!
And don’t forget : « If your neighbour has water in his front room, lend a hand and take your broom ! »